Returning to a "Jammed" Game

Hi Everyone,

Thanks for checking out this game, whether you came from the game jam or just looking.

With the feedback I had gotten about a few bugs and the enjoyment some people had gotten I decided to go back to the project to just add a little bit of polish to the code (which I just know is cause the error somewhere). I dug into the core of the game, pulled out all the booleans that are causing me trouble and put them back in (hopefully in the right places this time). 

I have also made small gameplay balances. You only affect the drivers scores off your response to the initial question and the longer into the journey the more effect it has on the driver.

Will take a little while to upload, as of this post the latest version should be 1.0.2 with the new version being 1.0.4

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Nov 23, 2017

Get On A Lonesome Road

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