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Designed and Programmed by Mark Thompson and written by Abigail Adel & Mark Thompson, On A Lonesome Road is a experimental talking simulator.

As the player, you take on the role of a depot manager tasked with managing the driver of a bus route between Tucson, Arizona and Las Vegas. It's long, hard work that requires skill and focus, which you will have to help the driver manage by talking with them as they drive.

There are points but no winning, you can crash but you can't lose. You can only learn about your driver, learn about yourself and try to stay awake with the Desert Bus.

Made for the Desert Bus for Hope 2017 Game Jame.
Theme: Desert Bus & Sleep Deprivation


  • Mouse control for Menu
  • "Y" and "N" keys for yes and no
  • Escape to Quit


OnALonesomeRoad_1.0.2.zip 239 MB
OnALonesomeRoad_1.0.4.zip 255 MB

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